Best tablet for reading newspapers

Best tablet for reading newspapers

It’s no secret that tablet computers have taken the world by storm over the past few years, with sales skyrocketing and new models being released every year. So it may seem that any tablet on the market would be equally good for reading newspapers—but this isn’t quite the case, as there are certain important specifications you should look out for if you want to enjoy your newspaper reading experience fully. That’s why we created this list of the best tablets for reading newspapers.

iPad Mini

The iPad mini has become one of Apple’s most popular tablets—and it’s not hard to see why. It’s small, sleek, and powerful enough to satisfy your every need as a reader. And with a range of colors available, you can choose a style that fits your personality perfectly. If you read just about every day—either on your commute or in front of the TV—the iPad Mini is an excellent choice for you. Plus, if you own any other Apple products (such as an iPhone), using it will feel natural. You can purchase apps through iTunes and stream movies from Netflix without a hitch. This means more time enjoying yourself instead of waiting around for files to load! If you’re ready to ditch your old e-reader for something sleeker and faster, we highly recommend getting yourself an iPad Mini.

iPad Air

Why does Apple’s latest iPad Air make for such a great reading device? Aside from its gorgeous display, there are a number of factors that make Apple’s latest tablet perfect for consuming content from your favorite magazines, websites, and newspapers. And it doesn’t hurt that all of these apps are made by Apple. Here is why you should consider purchasing an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display if you want to consume news on your tablet The display: The iPads have arguably some of the best displays in their class, even compared to Android tablets like Google’s Nexus 7. With 300 pixels per inch (ppi), text and images are razor-sharp, making them appear just as good as what you would see in a magazine or newspaper. The high resolution also makes photos look incredible. With 2048×1536 pixels packed into every inch of screen space, everything looks sharp, crisp and colorful. That is more than double what most Android tablets have to offer (usually 1280×800). It also beats out most PC laptops at about 220 ppi for 13-inch models—with many still sporting lower pixel density screens at 133 ppi or less!

Galaxy Tab S2

The Galaxy Tab S2 is Samsung’s latest high-end Android tablet. It has an attractive, sleek design and high-quality display (especially in its 9.7 model) that makes it great for reading newspapers, books, and other electronic documents. It features a powerful processor as well as a plethora of apps to make it easy to work or play on your device.

People on train reading newspapers

The best tablets for people who read a lot of newspapers are probably Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX. The Kindle Fire’s newest version has a decent battery life and comes with Mayday, an instant customer-service feature that lets you call on Amazon support in real time. For those who use their devices to read their news, it’s an extremely useful feature.