Techpally Educes Communication as the Basis of Understanding

Techpally Educes Communication as the Basis of Understanding

Every communication should have an objective to achieve,and it’s the basis of understanding the other person.

Let’s relate this to business, how do you communicate with your potential clients and existing customers?

Communication Objectives

Within the business sector, a series of communication objectives can be established, which can be summarized as follows.

First of all, attracting new customers

The usual thing to increase the number of clients of a company is to develop advertising campaigns, email marketing strategies, or focus on sales campaigns, which is generally closely linked to high costs, according to businesspally.

Keeping existing customers

Secondly, we find the loyalty of existing customers in the company.

Loyalty to a consumer who is already a client of the company is much cheaper for brands than looking for new consumers to try to retain them.

The usual thing is that this customer loyalty process is carried out through internal communications, focusing on good customer service, on the resolution capacity of Customer Service, or on company-client communications.

Third, there is the demand. The company has to focus its communication strategies above all on periods of high and low demand, which are normally associated with certain times of the year, depending on the sector and market trends.

Finally and concerning all the others, we find the transmission of the appropriate information to the clients.

This last objective is the one in which the company’s communication strategies are mainly developed.

Comunication elements

Regarding the elements that make up the communication process, it is necessary to mention the following:

The message, which is the information that the company wants to transfer to the previously selected target audience. This target audience is called the marketing audience.

Issuer would be the paper that corresponds to the company.

The receiver, would be the target audience, that is, the customers that the company has selected so that they understand the message.

Code is the language of the expressions used by the brand that are recognizable by the audience or recipients, says business pally boss.

Channel, is how the sender decides to encode the information and transmit it to the receivers.

There are many channels or means to establish communication between the company and the target audience.

Communication barriers can also be referred to as noise.

Communication barriers are all the obstacles that hinder the communication process, they can be, for example, stereotypes, preconceived expectations, that the sender is sending contradictory messages, the way the message is written, techpally.

Within the elements of communication, when carrying out an analysis of the company’s internal communication, the message must contain a series of requirements, which are the following:


The internal receivers of the information provided by the company must know that the message being presented to them is truthful.

If the workers or personnel linked to the brand do not trust the veracity of the messages transmitted by the company, their communication strategy would be failing.


On the other hand, the message itself must contain information that is useful for its internal recipients, since the purpose of the communication must be to provide useful information.


The message must be written in such a way that the receiver clearly understands its content, without a doubt. Therefore the message must be simple and clear.

Continuity and consistency.

The repetition of the key concepts is a good way for the recipients of the message to keep the most important part of it so that by repeating and insisting the company can establish effective communication with the internal recipients of the organization.

Adequacy in the medium or channel.

The choice of the communication channel is also important to establish communication with the internal recipients of the organization.

The usual thing is to select the official means of the brand itself.

That is why it is important to keep the official channels updated, according to businesspally.

In another order of things, it is also important to make a series of clarifications regarding the code when an analysis of the company’s internal communication is carried out.

As we have pointed out, when the encoding of the message is carried out, the sender must attend to the knowledge that the receiver is supposed to already have, since this will be decisive when selecting the medium to be used or deciding on the language to be used. to use.