Which gemstone is the most expensive

Which gemstone is the most expensive

There are a number of reasons why people collect gems. They can be used in jewelry, but they also have other uses such as being sold as investments or even being turned into gemstones. Many wealthy people have collections of rare and/or expensive stones that they hold on to for their value as well as their beauty. Below is a list of some of the most expensive types of gems:

Most expensive gemstones

The most expensive gemstones are emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

Emeralds are the most expensive gemstone in the world because they are transparent, colorless and hard to find. Emeralds come from South Africa or Brazil and can cost thousands of dollars per carat (1/10th of an ounce). Most emeralds used for jewelry have been cut from rough stones that were mined in Myanmar or Sri Lanka.

Ruby is second on our list with a value ranging from $5 million to more than $60 million per carat depending on size and quality of color imparted by its stone material; however there are many other types of rubies found throughout the world including red corundum crystals with orange-red hues as well as pink corundums that contain faint traces of blue tones along with yellowish hues due to high levels of iron oxide compounds within their molecular structure which causes them


Diamonds are the most expensive gemstones in the world. They are mined from earth, and they have many uses:

  • They can be used to make jewellery.
  • Diamonds are also used for industrial purposes like cutting tools, drill bits and saw blades for cutting wood or metal.

Red and Pink diamonds

We’re going to start with a gemstone that is extremely rare and the most expensive in the world—red diamonds. Red diamonds are very rare, with only about 1% of all diamonds containing this color. Most red diamond comes from Russia and Australia, but there has been some controversy about whether or not it’s possible to find truly natural red diamonds (without human intervention).

Pink diamonds are also extremely rare, but they’re not quite as expensive as their red counterparts. Pink diamond prices vary based on quality, cut and clarity (the more perfect your stone is), so don’t expect pink gems to be cheap! However, because pink stones tend to be more popular than other colors like yellow or blue ones do , there are many different designs you can get from them depending on what kind of look you want for your jewelry piece(s).


Ruby is a red gemstone. It’s often used in jewelry and other decorative arts, but it can also be found in some foods and beverages. The color of the ruby comes from trace amounts of chromium within it; this gives the stone its bright red color and makes it difficult to find an unpolished one without being damaged by heat or chemicals during processing.

Ruby has been considered a symbol of love for centuries, but its origins date back even further than that: Ancient Greeks believed that rubies came from drops from Zeus’ tears when he was struck by lightning (or vice versa). Rubies have been given as gifts for many occasions throughout history: In ancient Rome they were given to newlyweds as part of their dowry; today they’re still commonly used in weddings because July birthdays tend not only signal happiness but also fertility—a perfect combination for celebrating life’s greatest joys!


Emeralds have been mined in South America, India, and Brazil since ancient times. In fact, it’s theorized that emeralds were first discovered by Native Americans who used them to make jewelry and other decorations. Emeralds are also commonly found in Zambia, Tanzania and Afghanistan—but they’re not the most expensive gemstone on earth!

The most expensive gemstone on earth is probably sapphire—but this one has its own unique story behind it.

Blue sapphires

Blue sapphires are the most expensive gemstone in the world. They are rare, very hard to find and they’re valuable.

Blue sapphires come in three different colors: blue, purple and white. The only way you can tell the color of a blue sapphire is by looking at it under strong sunlight or UV light (ultraviolet rays). This means that there will be no visible iridescence when you look at your stone through regular light sources like candles or flashlights—and this makes them even harder for buyers to identify as genuine!

Gemstone engagement rings

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé, there are a few things you should know.

First, there are three main types of gemstones: diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These are all beautiful stones that make great engagement rings but they come in different colors as well. You can buy any combination of these three types at any jewelry store but if you want something more specific than what they offer then it’s best to shop online or consult with an expert who knows their stuff!

Second (and finally), how much money do you want spend on this special day? The average price range is between $3-$10k which means anyone who loves their job will struggle making ends meet! If money isn’t an issue though then go ahead and treat yourself right by choosing one of these expensive selections below:

Collecting gems is a hobby of many wealthy people.

The gemstone which has the most expensive price tag is a green diamond, also known as a “fancy” or “precious” stone. The color and clarity of this type of diamond are graded on a scale from D to Z, with an F representing the most flawless stones. Prices vary greatly depending on how rare each grade is: for example, an F-colorless can cost up to $40 million while G-blue/green diamonds can go for up to $100 million or more (depending on size).

Another popular choice among collectors is emeralds: these green gems were once believed to be created by nature itself but were later found out to have been artificially grown in mines before being cut into their current shapes with laser beams or lasers themselves! Emeralds are typically associated with royalty so when you add them into your collection—or even just wear one around your neck—you’re giving yourself some royal status too!


The most expensive gemstone is the diamond. It is also known as the 72-Carat Colorado clarity.

There are many other types of stones that can be classified as ‘most expensive’, such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, but these were just listed on this page because they were more popular at one point in time (or still are today). It’s important to remember that not all gemstones are equal when it comes to value – some have higher prices than others due to their rarity or unique characteristics like color or patterning patterns found within them.”